New GM Brakes Class Action filed.

A California couple has filed a class action lawsuit against General Motors (GM) alleging the company knowingly installed defective braking systems in thousands of Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC Trucks and SUVs and failed to inform consumers of the dangers posed by the faulty systems.

The suit, filed by Scott and Samantha Peckerar, cites an “irreparable and defective braking system supplied in all of the Class vehicles.” The suit alleges the defect makes it difficult to stop with the brake pedal becoming hard, requiring the driver to use much more force to slow the vehicle, severely and suddenly compromising the distance required to stop.

The class action complaint was filled in United States District Court, Central District of California, Eastern Division. It goes on to allege the defective braking systems were installed in all of the following vehicles::

  • 2015 to present Cadillac Escalades

  • 2014 to present Chevrolet Silverados

  • 2015 to present Chevrolet Suburbans

  • 2015 to present Chevrolet Tahoes

  • 2014 to present GMC Sierras

  • 2015 to present GMC Yukon/Yukon XLs

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