Ford recalls 1.5 million Focuses for faulty fuel tank purge valves

Ford has issued a recall for approximately 1.5 million 2012-2018 Ford Focus. Roughly 1.3 million are located in the US and its territories. The affected vehicles pack naturally aspirated or turbocharged 2.0-liter gas engines, and all were built at Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant.

The problem is with the evaporation system fitted to the cars' fuel tanks. The affected cars have canister purge valves that can refuse to close, which in turn could cause enough vacuum within the tank to deform it. Ford says that the concern is that cars could refuse to start or stall while driving, and then refuse to restart. Affected vehicles may display a malfunction indicator light or maybe just a fluctuating fuel gauge.

The recall came about because NHTSA received a few consumer complaints about loss of motive power in 2012-2014 Focus models. Ford and NHTSA shared data and eventually decided that a recall was the best course of action.

If you own a vehicle that may be affected, the reference number for the recall is 18S32. Ford also says you should make sure to keep the tank at least half-full until the recall is performed.

More information, straight from NHTSA, is here.