2010-2012 Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain Oil Consumption Problems

What are the facts?

2010-2012 Chevrolet Equinoxes and GMC Terrains have an oil consumption problem.  These cars consume too much oil and even Consumer Reports has chimed in on the oil consumption issue.  All the metal moving components within a modern vehicle engine require a lubricant agent, like oil.  If there is no oil in the engine, then engine performance will start to suffer, causing a range of symptoms like stalling, engine rattle, a high engine idle and a puttering feeling while driving.  If oil isn’t added to the engine, it can (and most likely will) cause piston failure…. Which is more commonly known as a blown engine.  And that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. 

General Motors has issued several Technical Service Bulletins (you can read all about those here) alerting dealerships that there have been complaints regarding oil consumption and how to they think they can repair the issue.  First was TSB 12312, which was an update to the Oil Life Monitor that is on the Equinox dashboard.  Rather than solve the oil consumption issue, what this update does is “reduce the interval between oil changes, which varies based on driving habits and conditions.”  Essentially GM’s ‘repair’ here is for your car to tell you to change your oil every 3,000 miles, instead of the earlier 5,000 miles.  Rather than fix the problem causing the oil consumption, GM suggests just putting more oil in your car.  Right.

Later General Motors issued a recall on the high pressure fuel pump, citing that “excessive wear on the plunger piston shaft and shaft seal. If this happens fuel can leak into the engine oil crankcase and result in the engine running rough and illumination of the malfunction indicator lamp.” That’s a bit better, but it potentially hasn’t repaired the whole problem here. 

Then, in TSB 13-06-01-003G, GM advised that if consumers complained to a dealership regarding high oil consumption in their Equinox, the dealership is to run an oil consumption test.  If the oil consumption test shows that the vehicle is consuming too much oil, then major engine work is required as a fix. 

Is there any good news at least?   

YES!  General Motors has issued a warranty extension relating to oil consumption.  If you’re the owner of a 2010 Equinox or Terrain with oil consumption issues, you can have the repairs potentially done for free if the vehicle was purchased within the last 10 years or if the car has fewer than 120,000 miles on it (per TSB 14159).  If you own a 2011 or 2012, you can have the repairs done just the same, but the vehicle must have been purchased within the past 7 years and 6 months.


And the best news?

If you’ve taken your Equinox or Terrain to a dealership for issues above, from engine stalling, abnormal oil consumption, high pressure fuel pump failure, balance shaft chain failure or engine failure, we can help you…. AT NO COST TO YOU!  Valero Law, APC is a California consumer protection firm dedicated to protecting the lemon law rights of California consumers and ALL cases are taken on a contingency basis, meaning if there is no recovery, there is absolutely no fee to you!  Feel free to call at 424-299-4447 for a free case evaluation!



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