Chevrolet Equinox Oil Consumption Class Action filed in Florida

Another Chevrolet Equinox class action regarding a defect regarding Oil Consumption has been filed, this time in Florida. The most salient portions of the class action complaint are highlighted below:

The Oil Consumption Defect is a substantial safety concern because it causes excessive oil consumption that cannot be reasonably anticipated or predicted, and causes the engine to run while dangerously low on engine oil. The Oil Consumption Defect is unreasonably dangerous because it can cause engine failure while the Class Vehicles are in operation at any time and under any driving conditions or speeds, thereby placing drivers, passengers, and the public at risk of accidents and injury. In particular, the Oil Consumption Defect can result in:

  • Sudden engine shutoff, resulting in loss of power, loss of braking, and inability to adequately maneuver in high-speed or congested driving situations;

  • Driver distraction due to sudden and unexpected engine shutoff, caused by sudden loss of power, illumination of warning lights and sounds, and loss or diminution of power brake assist;

  • Loss of maneuverability in high-speed or congested driving conditions due to unexpected loss of engine power—even when the engine does not shut off;

  • Unexpected vehicle stalling when the vehicle comes to a stop in traffic, thereby endangering vehicle occupants by substantially increasing the risk that other vehicles will hit the Class Vehicles that have stalled unexpectedly; and

  • Engine shutoff, failure (e.g., seizure), or stalling that strands vehicle occupants in remote, extreme, or unsafe locations or weather conditions.

The complaint can be found here

Individual actions, as opposed to class actions, are preferable as the potential reward can be much greater and, since each case is unique in it's own right, individualized attention can be given to each matter.

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