Ford Focus and Ford Fusion Clutch Recall

This recall is different than the issues related to the 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta and 2012-2016 Ford Focus Powershift dual clutch transmission.  Instead, this involves the manual transmission in:

  •  2013-2016 Ford Focus cars are equipped with 1-liter Fox GTDI engines and B6 manual transmissions, and
  • 2013-2015 Ford Fusion cars have 1.6-liter Sigma GTDI engines and B6 manual transmissions.

Ford says the clutch pressure plates can fracture due to the clutch linings wearing out prematurely. The premature wear and tear can cause the pressure plate material to wear down, allowing a large amount of heat and energy to cause cracks around the outer edges of the plates.

If you drive a Focus, the dealer will update the software to detect and prevent prolonged slipping of the clutch, in addition to checking the clutch and replacing it if needed.

If you own a Fusion, your Ford dealership will replace the clutch assembly.

More information can be found here.