Fiat Chrysler’s Attempt to Dismiss Emissions-Cheating Case Fails

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday on Chrysler's attempt to escape a class action lawsuit against the auto manufacturer.  This is remarkably similar to the Volkswagen Diesel-gate issue that occurred two years ago, where VW knowingly skirted federal emission rules.  In relevant part, the WSJ says: 

A federal judge late Thursday denied Fiat Chrysler’s motion to dismiss a civil case in California, ruling that owners of more than 100,000 2014-2016 Ram pickup trucks and Jeep Grand Cherokee sport-utility vehicles with diesel engines can proceed to trial on claims the company cheated U.S. emissions tests and allowed its automobiles to pollute more than 20 times beyond legal limits. Vehicle owners allege they paid thousands of dollars above gasoline-powered models for Fiat Chrysler diesel vehicles that were improperly deemed environmentally friendly

Full article can be found here.  

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