Suzuki CVT Transmission Recall

Suzuki and SX4 are having problems with their continuously variable transmission (CVT) control modules.  They're recalling approximately 5,800 vehicles.  Oddly enough, the CVT manufacturer (JATCO) is the same manufacturer of Nissan CVT's, which have had their fair share of problems.  

The automaker told federal safety regulators the modules in model year 2013 Kizashi and SX4 models can fail and cause a sudden reduction in speed and acceleration.

The CVT modules, manufactured by Jatco, have resistors soldered to lead frames that are mounted on internal boards, except in the recalled vehicles there are areas that were left unsoldered.

Suzuki says stress cracks caused by heat can start in the unsoldered areas and cause electrical issues. This can cause the solenoids that control hydraulic pressure of the transmission fluid to increase in pressure, causing a rise in transmission fluid temperatires.

The Suzuki Kizashi and SX4 recall will begin in June 2018, when dealers will replace the transmission control modules.

Owners with concerns may contact Suzuki at 800-934-0934.