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New Ford class action lawsuit filed regarding Bosch High Pressure Fuel Pumps

A new class action complaint was filed on 11/16/2018 against Ford Motor Company alleging their 2011-2018 model year Ford diesel vehicles equipped with a Power Stroke 6.7L engine suffer from a defect relating to the Bosch manufactured High Pressure Fuel Pump. The allegations appear to be catastrophic to the engine as the complaint states:

The culprit is the Bosch-supplied CP4 high pressure fuel injection pump, which unbeknownst to consumers is a ticking time bomb when used in American vehicles. As Ford knew before and during the Class Period (2011-2018), Bosch’s CP4 pump was never compatible with American fuel standards. The CP4 pump is not built to withstand the specifications for U.S. diesel fuel in terms of lubrication or water content, and it struggles to lift a volume of fuel sufficient to lubricate itself. As a result, the pump is forced to run dry and destroy itself as air bubbles allow metal to rub against metal. The pump secretly deposits metal shavings and debris throughout the fuel injection system and the engine until it suddenly and cataclysmically fails without warning, further contaminating the fuel delivery system with larger pieces of metal.

A copy of the complaint, filed by San Francisco law firm Hagens Berman, can be had here.

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