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Ford extends transmission warranty for certain Fiesta and Focus vehicles

Ford is extending the warranty on certain 2014-16 model year Focus and Fiesta vehicles with dual-clutch transmissions by two years and 40,000 miles and offering a software update for customers who continue to have issues with the problematic gearboxes. With the extended warranty, the Fiesta’s and Focus’ will be covered up to 7 years and 100,000 miles.. Warranty coverage for the transmission control module remains 10 years or 150,000 miles.

Ford also said it will reimburse customers who are now covered with the extended warranty who have paid for clutch repairs out of pocket. The automaker said it recently saw an uptick in out-of-pocket expenses for 2014 model year customers whose warranty had recently expired.

The update provides an enhanced warning if a transmission control module fails.

These transmissions have been problematic, to say the least, for Ford., since at least 2012. Currently, there is a class action titled Vargas v. Ford that is on appeal.

General Motors Discontinues Chevy Sonic

Chevrolet and Ford are discontinuing the Ford Fiesta, Ford Taurus, while Chevrolet is stopping production of the Chevrolet Sonic.  Analysts suspect that it is due to consumers moving more towards SUV and Crossover type vehicles given gas prices are somewhat low right now.  I suspect it may be due to the issues that these vehicles have had.  For example, Sonic owners have complained about the engine, transmission and starter conditions for quite some time.  Those are accessible here.   Car Complaints was also quick to pick up on these complaints as well.   

Here is a link to the NBC article and snippet below:

Both Ford and GM plan to stop making three cars for the U.S. market, as they continue to shift their focus toward popular and high-margin SUVs and trucks, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday, citing sources.

General Motors will stop making the small Chevrolet Sonic car, possibly by the end of the year, the Journal reported. Ford plans to stop selling the comparable subcompact Fiesta in the U.S. and discontinue the larger Taurus sedan, once the best-selling car in the U.S.

Chevrolet declined to comment.

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