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Another Nissan CVT Class Action filed (Jatco CVT8HT)

I wrote about the issues Nissan was having with their CVT Transmissions in October and the accompanying warranty extension from Nissan. Now, a new Nissan and Infiniti JATCO CVT8HT lawsuit has been filed in Missouri.  

According to the lawsuit, the continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) jerk, hesitate and lack power, making driving a dangerous chore.

Plaintiff Terry Miller says he purchased a new 2013 Nissan Pathfinder in Missouri, but since that time Miller has allegedly had nothing but trouble from the JATCO CVT8HT transmission. Miller alleges that the the transmission hesitates, shudders, jerks, bucks and has no power.

Plaintiff Michael Rose purchased a new 2013 Infiniti JX35 and has had the same transmission problems. The dealer claims they can't verify the problem.  

According to the lawsuit, the JATCO transmissions have "belt slip conditions" caused by transmission chain drive failures to transfer power through the transmissions when accelerating.

Nissan started reprogramming the CVT control modules with updated software, but the lawsuit alleges Nissan still doesn't inform the plaintiffs about the transmission issues.

Nissan issued technical service bulletin (TSB) NTB13-002 titled “VOLUNTARY SERVICE CAMPAIGN / 2013 PATHFINDER TCM REPROGRAM”  to reprogram the transmission control modules to fix the shaking and hesitation problems.  Plaintiffs allege the fix didn't work, which is why Nissan issued another TSB (NTB13-086) titled "2013-2014 ALTIMA V6 SEDAN AND PATHFINDER; JUDDER DURING LIGHT ACCELERATION.”

The plaintiffs claim the transmission problems continue even with multiple service bulletins and repair attempts, proof that Nissan is fully aware of the alleged defects.

The name of the potential class action is Terry Miller and Michael Rose, v. Nissan North America, Inc.  You can reach the firm that filed that here.  

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