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Hyundai Issues Recall and Engine Software Update for Sonata and Santa Fe Sport

Straight from Hyundai:

in addition to two previous engine recalls, Hyundai has issued a subsequent recall to inspect the fuel tube installation of approximately 100,000 2011-2014 Hyundai Sonata and 2013-2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport vehicles whose engines were replaced under the previous two recalls. The recall is being conducted to inspect and confirm proper reinstallation of the fuel tube to the high-pressure fuel pump.

In addition, Hyundai has developed a new engine monitoring technology called a knock sensor detection system. The technology uses software innovations and leverages existing engine sensors to continuously monitor for symptoms that may precede an engine failure. More details on Hyundai’s engine recalls and the knock sensor product improvement campaign can be found at

The knock sensor technology will be installed through a free software update performed by Hyundai dealers and is rolling out through a product improvement campaign to approximately 2 million Hyundai vehicles, including all model year 2011-2018 Sonata and 2013-2018 Santa Fe Sport vehicles with engines produced in the U.S.

As part of this product improvement campaign, Hyundai will extend the warranty to 10 years and 120,000 miles (up from 100,000 miles) for original and subsequent owners of 2011-2018 Sonata and 2013-2018 Santa Fe Sport vehicles for engine repairs needed because of excessive connecting rod bearing damage.

More information can be had here

Kia Recalls 500,000 Vehicles With Air Bags That May Not Deploy

KIA is recalling more than 500,000 vehicles in the U.S. to fix a flaw that may prevent air bags from deploying in a crash.

This recall is related to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigation launched on March 16 of this year into Hyundai and Kia vehicles where, in six incidents, the airbags failed to deploy.

Kia said the 508,000 recalled vehicles have an air-bag control unit that may be susceptible to “electrical overstress” during some frontal crashes. The control unit contains a circuit that if damaged may prevent the deployment of front air bags and a mechanism that tightens the front seat belts, “thereby increasing the risk of injury to vehicle occupants,” Kia said in a statement.

The recall targets certain Forte, Optima and Sedona vehicles ranging from model years 2010 to

2013. Kia said it hasn’t yet developed a repair, but will notify owners with more details starting at the end of July.

Vehicles recalled: 507,587 Kia vehicles, including:

  • All 2010-2013 Forte cars produced from Feb. 24, 2009, through Aug. 31, 2012.
  • All 2010-2013 Forte Koup cars produced from June 5, 2009, through Aug. 31, 2012.
  • All 2011-2013 Optima cars produced from August 12, 2010, through Aug. 31, 2012.
  • All 2011-2012 Optima Hybrid cars produced from February 15, 2011, through Aug. 31, 2012.
  • All 2011-2012 Sedona minivans produced from March 3, 2010, thru Aug. 14, 2012.

The problem: According to Kia, the airbag control unit (ACU) detects the severity of a crash, then tells airbags and seatbelt pretensioners to deploy when necessary. The ACU in the recalled vehicles may be susceptible to electrical overstress during certain front crashes. If that happens, the front airbags and front seatbelt pretensioners may not deploy as needed, increasing the risk of injury to occupants.

The fix: Kia says there is no remedy currently. Once a remedy is identified and confirmed, affected owners will be notified via first-class mail with instructions regarding a repair, the automaker said in a statement. The recall is planned to begin on July 27, 2018.

How to contact the manufacturer: Owners can contact Kia customer service at 800-333-4542. If Kia does not have a remedy by July 27, or if any customer feels unsafe in his/her vehicle, Kia will provide a rental car until the repair has been completed, a spokesman said late Friday. 

NHTSA campaign number: 18V363000; Kia's number for this recall is SC165.

Check to see whether your vehicle has an open recall: Plug the 17-digit vehicle identification number into the NHTSA website. It will tell you whether your vehicle has any open recalls that need to be addressed.


Hyundai Elantra and Kia Forte Brake Light Recall

Hyundai and Kia will recall more than a half-million compact cars in the U.S. starting next year because of a brake-light problem. The recall covers more than 390,000 Hyundai Elantras from the 2013 and 2014 model years, and more than 134,000 Kia Forte cars from 2012 through 2014.

The Associated Press, citing documents the companies filed with the federal government, reports that a polymer stopper pad between the brake pedal arm and the light switch can deteriorate and keep the brake lights on when the brakes aren't actually engaged. The problem also means a driver can shift out of park without stepping on the brake pedal. Neither automaker reported any crashes or injuries stemming from the issue.  

Kia says it has received 183 warranty claims about Forte brake pedal stoppers and switches, but no reports of crashes or injuries.

Dealers will replace the stopped pads starting Jan. 30 for Kia and Feb. 8 for Hyundai.