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Chevy issues Customer Satisfaction Bulletin for reduced propulsion due to battery for the BOLT

After a few consumer complaints, Chevrolet has issued a Customer Satisfaction Bulletin for the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt.  While not rising to the level of a compulsory recall, Chevy is taking the additional step to inform all owners of 2017 Chevrolet Bolts via mail and even phoning a few.  

The Bulletin combats a "reduced propulsion" issue that is due to the battery and the repair is a ECM reprogram.  The bulletin details are:

GM Program #:  N172127150
Date Issued:  Apr 03, 2018
Program Title:  Loss of Propulsion High Voltage Battery Without Notification - Expires 4/30/2020
Program Description:
Certain 2017 model year Bolt EV vehicles may have a condition where the calibration will not detect the difference in the state of charge between the cell groups of the battery. This condition may not provide sufficient warning prior to a battery cell low voltage condition, which may result in a loss of propulsion. Only certain vehicles will experience the battery low voltage cell condition.

Repair Description:
Reprogram hybrid powertrain control module 2.

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