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New 2012-2017 Jeep Wrangler Radiator Class Action

A new automobile class action case was filed in New York regarding 2012-2017 Jeep Wrangler vehicles titled Malizia et. al. v. FCA US, LLC.  In this class action, plaintiffs allege that the Class Vehicles have a systemic heater defect that causes premature failure of the cooling system.  

According to the Jeep class action, Fiat Chrysler uses two different methods (sand-casting and die-casting) to manufacture components of Jeep Wrangler’s Pentastar engines. Combining these two components causes sand to build-up in the radiator, leading to failure of other systems.  Fiat Chrysler has already issued a warranty extension (x56) for certain Pentastar engines in 2014 due to issues with those engines.  That warranty extension is accessible here.  

The plaintiffs seek to represent a nationwide Class of consumers who purchased or leased a 2012-2017 Jeep Wrangler, as well as a New York subclass for violations of state law. The Jeep class action alleges that Fiat Chrysler breached express and implied warranties and was negligent in allowing the defective components into their vehicles.

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